Our Approach, Our Duty

Genuine Compassion for The Individual And A True Culture of Altruism
We will never, ever, treat our Beneficiaries as if they were means to an end. We will never ignore them or dismiss their concerns. We will treat each Beneficiary as a human being, and we will be ever mindful of the frustrating situation in which our Beneficiaries find themselves. our approach

Reverence to — Not Avoidance of — Individual State Medicaid Agencies and Trust Laws
We have drafted a specific individual Master Trust and Joinder Agreement for each state, based on that state’s unique and particular Trust Code, Medicaid regulatory schemes, and Medicaid case worker Systems Manuals. Our Master Trusts meet with approval from each individual state, because each trust is written specifically for that state, including each and every requirement for that state’s acceptance of a Special Needs Trust.

We firmly believe that our duty of care, prudence and loyalty to our Beneficiaries includes an affirmative duty to cooperate with State Medicaid agencies and to conduct ourselves in a manner that furthers the state's interests as a steward of resource while fulfilling our fiduciary duty to you. It is our mission to serve our Beneficiaries in a manner that benefits not only them, but also the states in which they live.

Attention to Detail and Highly Specialized Service
We specialize in the needs of Beneficiaries in situations exactly like yours—including working directly with the class action firms, Special Masters, settlement specialists, and personal injury firms who serve you. We do not dabble in other enterprises, such as general advocacy, guardianship services, political lobbying or other types of valuable but potentially distracting services.

Providing Leadership
It is not our intention directly to compete with other nonprofit Pooled Special Needs Trusts or to prevent smaller, local, pooled trusts from thriving. In fact, it is one of our goals to provide leadership to other pooled Special Needs Trusts and to promote and participate in an atmosphere of fellowship amongst pooled Special Needs Trusts throughout the country.

A New, Refreshing Attitude
We approach the administration of our Pooled Special Needs Trust with an attitude that focuses on the Beneficiary and his or her needs and that makes serving class action firms and settlement firms, Social Workers and families touched by a disability our top priority. We are good at what we do. Very good. We have fun. We enjoy our jobs, and it is our goal to make that obvious to those we serve.

The National Foundation for Special Needs Integrity, Inc. is a public charity tax-exempt pursuant to §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to The National Foundation for Special Needs Integrity, Inc. are tax deductible.